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the fact that one lives under occupation does not mean cooperation


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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi emphasizes that if a person did not serve and did not betray Ukraine, there is no reason to consider him an accomplice.

“Russian propagandists intimidate people in the areas still under the control of the occupiers, that Ukraine allegedly considers almost everyone who remains in the occupied areas to be collaborators. Absolute delusion. If someone did not serve the conquerors and did not betray Ukraine, then there is no reason to consider such a partner. If the teacher remained a Ukrainian teacher and did not lie to the children about who the enemy was… Or if a person remained a Ukrainian employee of the Ukrainian municipal service and, for example, helped maintain the supply of energy for the people, then such a person cannot be accused of anything,” he said in your appeal in the video.

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According to him, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were in the temporarily occupied territories – many helped the Ukrainian army and special services, some simply tried to survive and were waiting for the return of the Ukrainian flag.

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“Of course, there were those who betrayed Ukraine. But such cases are quickly identified by the Security Service of Ukraine and are not massive. Russia has not met with mass support in Ukraine, and that is a fact,” Zelensky admits.

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On March 3, the Verkhovna Rada approved changes to the law establishing criminal liability for collaborative activities. Among other things, the law provides punishment for “public denial by a citizen of Ukraine of an armed attack against the state…or public appeals, in particular, to support the decisions and actions of the aggressor state, armed formations or the occupying administration of the aggressor state, cooperation with the aggressor state, non-recognition of the extension of Ukraine’s sovereignty over the temporarily occupied territories.”

The partnership article entered into force on 15 March 2022.

source: radio svoboda

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